Frequent Asked Questions tenants

There are two ways to apply for a room / apartment, which is for an available property or “Early bird” registration: 

Available property: You can apply to a room or apartment by using the “respond” button, shown by each advertisement. Here we ask you to provide us the required information about yourself. With this information we can see directly  if you meet the whishes and requirements from the landlord / other tenants and invite you for a viewing. 

Early bird: Our offers varies quickly. If you want to be informed a week prior to the advertisement of available rooms / apartments, register via Early birds and we will inform you before the official advertisement. We ask you to provide the same personal information as which we ask when you respond to an available property. This way we only have to inform you when we have sometihing that meets your and your new landlord’s whishes / requirements.  

Due to unexpected availability it may happen that the property will be advertised before early birds are informed. This only happens when there is a short period to find a new tenant. , 

Because we don’t want to waste anyone’s precious time, we ask you to provide the information we use for selection up front. This way you don’t have to wait for an answer and we can keep you informed when we do have something suitable available for you. If you respond to a property and meet the requirements / whishes, we will invite you for a viewing. After the viewing, we make a pre-selection and send this information to the landlord. After we have an agreement we ask you to send us the required documents for the rental agreement. 

In your rental agreement is mentioned who to contact in case of maintanance issues. If CITYBIRD is your contact person for maintance issues, you can click here to request for repair. 

There is no agency fee.

This depends on the property.

You can register at the city hall via with your DigiD. If you don’t have a DigiD, you can make an appointment at the city hall. Note that you probably need a signed “verhuurdersverklaring” from the landlord. 

Without permission from the landlord it is not allowed to sublet your apartment or room. 

Without the permission of the landlord it is not allowed to have pets in your rented accomodation. 

Terminating the lease must always be done by e-mail. To which e-mail address is mentioned in your rental agreement. 

You receive your deposit back once your apartment / room is in good and/or in the same condition as you received it. You also need to send us proof of deregistration at the cityhall. The full conditions are always mentioned in your rental agreement. 

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