CITYBIRD - Rentals operates a clear and transparent selection procedure for selecting prospective tenants.

CITYBIRD - Rentals offers available living accommodations through various channels, including Pararius, Funda, its own website and various social media channels. This selection procedure applies to all listings offered, regardless of the channel.

CTYIBRD -Rentals works on behalf of the client, the owner or entitled (legal) person(s), in order to find the most suitable candidate tenant.

The candidate requirements may differ per offered property / living space based on the maximum number of allowed residents and/or permits applicable to the property and affect the candidate requirements. 

CITYBIRD - Rentals requests information from prospective tenants in advance to objectively assess whether the prospective tenant meets the requirements before a viewing is scheduled.

For this purpose, CITYBIRD-Rentals asks the prospective tenant to provide the following data and information:

- name (first and last name);
- address;
- telephone number;
- e-mail address;
- family composition: living alone, cohabiting, with or without children;
- amount of total monthly net income;
- proof of income;
- proof of enrollment Dutch University/ school in case of room rental;
- amount of current rent and/or a landlord's statement.

At all times, the tenant must be able to provide financial security in order to be considered for a viewing or the property.

CITYBIRD - Rentals may ask the tenant to demonstrate a positive rental history, which works in favour of the prospective tenant.

In the case of shared housing, in the form of room rentals, the co-tenants may also have an impact on housing allocation. CITYBIRD - Rentals aims to ensure the living enjoyment of each tenant and strives for a harmonious society in the shared accommodation.

CITYBIRD - Rentals does not request information on:

- ethnic or cultural background;
- religious identity;
- political affiliation;
- sexual orientation;
- physical or mental health.

Due to the high response volume to advertised properties, CITYBIRD - Rentals may not invite the prospective tenant for a viewing, despite the fact that the prospective tenant may meet all the stated candidate requirements.

CITYBIRD-Rentals is in no way responsible for the actions of the client or co-tenants.



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